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Happy New Year Everyone!

And with this New Year, comes some changes! I am afraid my J&M days have come to an end. After talking with Linn, we have decided to close the website. Neither of us really have the energy for it anymore.

We will each stick with our individual YouTube Pages... and my YouTube Page will be updated with all the clips from where I left off posting them.

The site will stay open until it comes up for renewal, however I will not add any new members and the site won’t be updated anymore.

I will say however that I am working (along with others) on an alternate message board where ALL of the fan fic stories with be archived for everyone to enjoy!

Lastly I have not decided yet whether or not I will continue to sell DVD’s... so if you wanted some you might want to order them soon!

When I update my YouTube channel I will post new videos here!
Take Care!


Christmas 1986
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From 1986, Roman & Marlena want to go on a ski trip right before the holidays in 1986. Technically not Christmas, but Marlena was perceived to be dead that year.

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